Burns: 75 years later, we still salute – Pearl Harbor Day


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The events of the past few minutes coursed through John Anderson’s mind like the hellish nightmare that it was. He had been assigned to set up chairs on the ship’s main deck for the Sunday morning worship service. His brother Jake and many others were still sound asleep below deck on a serene Sunday morning at Pearl Harbor.

John initially stared in disbelief when he saw bombs falling on a nearby island.

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Tech Giants Push Back Against China’s New Cyber Security Bill


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Beijing wants foreign tech companies to hand over their source code.

Tech companies are pushing back against China’s controversial new cyber security bill that requires companies to share proprietary source code with Beijing.

According to the Wall Street Journal, under the new regulations, China will require software companies, network-equipment manufacturers and other technology companies to disclose their source codes—the building blocks of computer programs—in order to prove their products cannot be infiltrated by hackers.

However, tech companies are arguing that the disclosure policy does not ensure such safety, and may even heighten the risk of their code falling into the wrong hands. for more read at FORTUNE

Symantec buys LifeLock for $2.3 billion while the antivirus business lags


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symantec-buys-lifeokSymantec will purchase the identity protection firm LifeLock for $2.3 billion in early 2017, delivery over four.4 million members and diversifying the business on the far side Symantec’s insulation antivirus unit.

Symantec’s laptop security business is 3 decades recent however the core of it, Norton antivirus software, had been declining aboard the years-long and worldwide call laptop sales. Norton, despite the decline, remains profitable nowadays, per Symantec.

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Nearly half of consumers feel overwhelmed keeping data secure online


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The number of cybercrime victims grew 10 percent globally in 2015, according to the Norton Cybersecurity Insights Report released Wednesday by cybersecurity company Symantec.

The growth may come with good reason. Nearly half — 45 percent — of those surveyed feel overwhelmed in the amount of information they need to protect.

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4 Cybersecurity Stats That Will Blow You Away


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Norton Cyber security

Image source: Getty Images.

The worldwide cybersecurity market could develop from $122.45 billion todayto $202.36 billion by 2021, as indicated by another report from Research and Markets. The firm trusts that development will be driven by an expansion of associated protests over the Internet of Things, loose BYOD (bring your own gadget) strategies at work, and the requirement for more tightly application security.

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Are Locky and Dridex on Summer Vacation?


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A sudden drop in cybercrime activity related to major threat families Locky, Dridex, and Angler have Symantec cybersecurity experts taking note, but still keeping a vigilant eye on the associated malware gangs. One reason for the decrease may be the arrest of 50 people in Russia thought to be involved in the group behind the Lurk banking fraud.

Locky Dropoff

One of the most prevalent ransomware threats in 2016, Locky has shown a significant drop in activity during the month of June. Blocked Locky infections per week went from more than 3,000 in May to the low hundreds this month. That means that new Locky cases, either from spam campaigns or exploit kits, have dramatically fallen.


(Figure 1. Blocked Locky infections by week, showing drop in activity over past two weeks)

Dridex Slowdown

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Symantec creates world’s largest GIN


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Symantec has combined its threat intelligence and Blue Coat Threat Intelligence into its Global Intelligence Network (GIN). This creates the security industry’s largest and most diverse set of threat data combining threat data results in 500,000 additional attacks being blocked for Symantec customers every day.


And the power of this new data is evident to all from a micro (consumer) to macro (enterprise level). Two new attack campaigns and 137,000 new phishing campaigns have been uncovered.

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Symantec 101 – a guide for enterprise users


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Most of us have heard of Norton security products, but they are just the consumer tip of the Symantec iceberg. Underneath is one of the oldest, largest, and most comprehensive enterprise cyber security companies – but that description does not do justice to its scope.

And even though it was founded back in 1982 the back story is just interesting history best regaled by the Wiki article here.

Because every company needs to reinvent itself regularly and, two things have happened over the past 12 months. First, it de-merged the Veritas business (essentially data recovery and backup) to the Carlyle Group for US$8 billion and second, it acquired the Blue Coat business (essentially network security, incident detection, and analytics) for US$4.65 billion.

What Blue Coat and Symantec have in common is a voracious appetite for acquiring technologies to expand their technology and offerings and a strong will to succeed. Greg Clark, the former CEO of Blue Coat is now the CEO of Symantec and Michael Fey, former COO of Blue Coat is the new COO of Symantec.

Symantec bills itself as the global leader in next-generation cyber security and says its breadth of offerings and capabilities – endpoint, email, servers, and cloud – makes it possible to solve all your most critical security needs. That is a bold statement – how does it stack up?

Its category range covers Threat Protection, Information Protection, Cyber Security Services, and Website Security. Within each of these is a subset of products that work seamlessly.


Threat protection covers detection and blocking of threats for endpoints (desktops, mobile and now IoT devices), servers (bare metal and virtual), email, gateways, and cloud. It is backed by what is the largest global telemetry operation providing intelligence on what is happening.

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Start your protection with Norton Security Scan


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Use Norton Security Scan to determine if your system has been infected with viruses, malware, spyware, or other threats. Newly added — the Cookie Manager that you can use to check for suspicious or dangerous cookies and remove those that raise a concern.

Installation instructions:


  1. Click “Install Now” button above.
  2. The downloaded file “Setup.exe” will appear at the bottom left corner of your browser window.
  3. Double click the file to run it.
  4. You’re done!

Norton Security Scan:

  • Built by Norton, the global leader in security software.
  • Runs in the background — won’t interrupt your work or play.
  • Won’t swallow up memory and hard disk space.
  • Fast, easy, accurate, and best of all FREE.

The power and speed of Norton scan technology, available to you for

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