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Uninstall & Reinstall Norton Antivirus Product

Uninstall & Reinstall Norton Antivirus Product. Nowadays, uninstallation and reinstallation of Norton antivirus products is easy by ‘Norton Remove & Reinstall tool‘. Norton Remove and Reinstall Tool is a freeware Symantec remover programming application documented under programming introduce chiefs and made accessible by Symantec for Windows. The survey for Norton Remove and Reinstall Tool has not been finished yet, yet it was tried by an editorial manager here on a PC. In the event that you might want to present a survey of this product download, we welcome your information and urge you to submit us something.  Get support for office set up by norton.com/setup

This tool helps to uninstall & reinstall your Norton antivirus products.

Before you start: (Uninstall & Reinstall Norton Antivirus Product)

  • The Norton Remove and Reinstall tool uninstalls most Norton antivirus products, and reinstall the latest version. Make sure that you meet the following requirements before you continue:
    • You should have an Internet connection
    • The tool does not remove Norton Utilities or Norton Family
    • The tool does not remove your Norton Identity Safe local vault
    • Norton antivirus products that are offered by the service providers like Comcast or Deutsche Telekom are not removed by this tool.

Tech Giants Push Back Against China’s New Cyber Security Bill, Support


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Tech Giants Push Back Against China’s New Cyber Security Bill

Beijing wants foreign tech companies to hand over their source code. Get support for office set up by www.norton.com/setup

Tech organizations are pushing back against China’s disputable new digital security charge that expects organizations to share exclusive source code with Beijing.

As per the Wall Street Journal, under the new guidelines, China will require programming organizations, arrange hardware makers and other innovation organizations to unveil their source codes—the structure squares of PC programs—so as to demonstrate their items can’t be invaded by programmers.

Tech companies are pushing back against China’s controversial new cyber security bill that requires companies to share proprietary source code with Beijing.

According to the Wall Street Journal, under the new regulations, China will require software companies, network-equipment manufacturers and other technology companies to disclose their source codes—the building blocks of computer programs—in order to prove their products cannot be infiltrated by hackers.

However, tech companies are arguing that the disclosure policy does not ensure such safety, and may even heighten the risk of their code falling into the wrong hands. for more read at FORTUNE

Burns: 75 years later, we still salute – Pearl Harbor Day, Norton 360, www.norton.com/setup


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Burns: 75 years later, we still salute – Pearl Harbor Day

The events of the past few minutes coursed through John Anderson’s mind like the hellish nightmare that it was. He had been assigned to set up chairs on the ship’s main deck for the Sunday morning worship service. His brother Jake and many others were still sound asleep below deck on a serene Sunday morning at Pearl Harbor. The occasions of a previous couple of minutes coursed through John Anderson’s mind like the bad dream it was. He had been doled out to set up seats on the ship’s fundamental deck for the love administration. His sibling Jake and numerous others were as yet solid snoozing beneath deck on a peaceful Sunday morning at Pearl Harbor. Get support for office set up by www.norton.com/setup

John initially stared in disbelief when he saw bombs falling on a nearby island.

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Download & Install Norton Security Online from Xfinity, norton.com/setup


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Download & Install Norton

SecurityOnline from Xfinity

Ensuring your gadgets and dealing with your Norton item is as simple as including another gadget in your Norton account. Adhere to these directions to introduce or reinstall your Norton item that is enlisted to your record. On the off chance that you have gotten your Norton item from your specialist organization, at that point read I need to introduce my Norton item from my specialist organization.

Uninstall any existing security setup program from your PC or Mac, including previous versions of Norton protection.

Norton- setup-xfinitity-subscriber-note

Follow these steps for both (PC or Mac) type of computer to install Norton security online from Xfinity.

  • Go to the Norton Security Online Xfinity page at and click on Get Norton Security Online.
  • Enter your Xfinity username and password if prompted.
  • Create or log in to your Norton account. The Norton account lets you manage all of your Norton services and product keys from one location.
  • Click to install locally or install on another device.

Set up & install Norton Security Online on a PC from Xfinity

If you have a personal computer (PC) then follow these steps after following above steps.

  • Begin local installation. Click Run.
  • Allow the program to run.
  • Windows may request permission to proceed. Click Yes.
  • Click Agree and Install.
  • Complete the installation. Log into your Norton account if prompted to associate your device.
    Norton Security Online will launch.

Starting to Install Norton Security Online on a Mac computer from Xfinity

  1. Begin local installation process. Open your Mac list of downloads and double-click the install file.
  2. Run the installer.
  3. Mac’s security warns of files downloaded from the Internet. Click Open.
  4. Click Agree & Install.
  5. You may be prompted to enter your Mac login information to allow changes.
  6. Mac also requires permission for system extensions on initial install. Click Open Security Preferences.
  7. Click Allow.
    Note: This screen will only appear on the first installation. If you uninstall or reinstall, this box will not appear.
  8. Click Continue.
  9. Your product will launch after you restart your Mac.

It is easy.

Still, confused, Get support for Norton Setup Help.

Norton Security Premium, Antivirus Software |  norton.com/setup


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Norton Security Premium

Norton is one of the famous names in PC security—and despite some ups and downs, it’s still one of the best. Currently, Symantec offers Norton Security Premium, which costs $109.99 $54.99 per year. It includes our Virus Protection Promise. Get support for office set up by norton.com/setup

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How are you transfer your Norton Licence from one device to another device?


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transfer norton subscription

How are you transfer your Norton Licence from one device to another device?

Some subscriber installs Norton product setup on the device which they don’t use after some period. At this situation, Norton setup provides the feature to transfer your Norton license from one device to another device.  In the event that you have expelled Norton Security from a gadget (for example PC), and now you might want to introduce it onto another gadget (for example another PC), you continue as like you’re introducing it onto an extra gadget. In case you’re certain that you won’t utilize Norton Security again on the gadget it is being expelled from, you can free up the permit by going to Manage My Installs in your Norton account where you can expel the gadget from the rundown.Get support for office set up by Norton Support

The establishment procedure onto another gadget can be begun from inside your Norton account.

Note: If you have purchased your product from the Norton Online Store or from a retail store then this process is valid.

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Happy Thanksgiving! Which are the Things That Keep us Safe


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Happy Thanksgiving! Celebrating the Things That Keep us Safe

thanksgiving keep us safe 1

1. Saving yourself from your worst work nightmare:

Some email clients have the ability to unsend emails, for that one time you hit reply all and misspelled the bosses name. As we approach the Thanksgiving occasion, I think about every one of the things we celebrate as a nation. And keeping in mind that there are a wide range of festivities, the steady is the meeting up. Get support for office set up by www.norton.com/setup Continue reading

Honeypot – Its Work & Benefits, norton.com/setup, USA


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What is a Honeypot?

A honeypot is a soft and romantic weapon or technique. Its motive is only to gain information about the target without given your real identification. It may be used for good and bad purpose. Thinking about the established field of PC security, a PC should be secure, yet in the space of Honeypots, the security openings are set to open intentionally. Honeypots can be characterized as a device which is set to identify endeavors at any unapproved utilization of data frameworks. Honeypots basically turn on the tables for Hackers and PC security specialists. The primary motivation behind a Honeypot is to distinguish and gain from the assaults and further utilize the data to improve security. Honeypots have for some time been utilized to follow assailants’ action and protect against coming dangers. There are two kinds of honeypots: Get support for office set up by norton.com/setup

You may not have heard about them before. But honeypots have been around for decades. The principle of working behind them is simple: Don’t go looking for cyber-attackers. Prepare something that would attract their interest — The Honeypot — Wait for the attackers to show up — And then wait to be trapped — A Honeytrap.

What is the difference between Honeypot and Honeytrap?

Honeypot and Honeytrap are different. A Honeytrap is a phenomenon or full process to gain targets’ information where the Honeypot technique used.

For example, Romance or sexual affair is involved as a pot or technique to attract the target. Here the ‘target’ or ‘subject of investigates’ is a single person which have a lot of information about his/her sector. The full phenomenon where using this technique to gain success is called Honeytrap.

How do honeypots work?

If you, for instance, were in charge of IT security for a bank, you might set up a honeypot system that, to outsiders, looks like the bank’s network. The same goes for those in charge of — or researching — other types of secure, internet-connected systems.


By monitoring traffic to such systems, you can better understand where cybercriminals are coming from, how they operate, and what they want. More importantly, you can determine which security measures you have in place are working — and which ones may need improvement.

Examples of honeypots and their benefits

In 2015, Symantec, Norton’s parent company, set up a honeypot to attract attacks on so-called Internet of Things (IoT) devices. These are internet-connected items, such as home routers, digital video recorders, and cameras. Symantec’s IoT honeypot worked. As reported in the company’s 2017 Internet Security Threat Report, attacks on the honeypot almost doubled from January to December 2016.

What can experts learn from honeypot data? Well, in the case of Symantec’s IoT honeypot, researchers were able to determine a lot of things, including these:

  • Countries from which attacks originated. China, the U.S., Russia, Germany, and Vietnam made up the top five. (These metrics measured the countries in which the IP address of the attacking device was based, but does not necessarily mean the attackers themselves operated from these countries.)
  • Passwords attempted — “admin” was No. 1, and “123456” wasn’t far behind.
  • The need for baseline security standards on IoT devices — to make them less vulnerable to attack.

Another honeypot example? In 2015, internet security experts set up an online railway control system as honeypot bait. The goal was to study how criminals would attack projects where they could put the public at risk. In this case, the only damage done was to a model train set at a German technology conference. Over two weeks, the so-called “HoneyTrain” suffered 2.7 million attacks.

What could be at stake?

Stealing personal information from online targets is one thing. Targeting public transportation systems is another. Beyond the IoT devices and the HoneyTrain, researchers have used honeypots to expose vulnerabilities with medical devices, gas stations, industrial control systems used for such things as electrical power grids, and more.

Given all the attention that the bad guys get for their hacking and data breach efforts, it’s good to know that the good guys have a few tricks up their sleeves to help protect against cyber attacks.

As more and more devices and systems become internet-connected, the importance of battling back against those who use the internet as a weapon will only increase. Honeypots can help. Read More


WannaCry Ransomware and Its Prevention, Norton, Setup, Download


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WannaCry Ransomware and its prevention

WannaCry Ransomware and Its Prevention

WannaCry Ransomware is a form of malware that targets your critical data and systems for the purpose of extortion. Ransomware is frequently delivered through spearphishing emails. After the user has been locked out of the data or system, the cyber actor demands a ransom payment. After receiving payment, the cyber actor will purportedly provide an avenue to the victim to regain access to the system or data. Recent iterations target enterprise end users, making awareness and training a critical preventive measure. Get support for office set up by Norton Support

WannaCry searches for and encrypts 176 different file types and appends.WCRY to the end of the file name. It asks users to pay a US$300 ransom in bitcoins. The ransom note indicates that the payment amount will be doubled after three days. If payment is not made after seven days, the encrypted files will be deleted.

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Norton Security 2019-2020 | Trial Version, Antivirus Software | Norton, norton setup


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Norton Security

New Norton Security is years proven and known security software including antivirus, firewall, password manager and optimization tools. This is a comprehensive protection for your computer/PC, laptop and internet browsing. Norton Security and Antivirus is the across the board portable security and infection insurance application. It secures your Android devices4 against dangers, for example, malignant applications, deceitful calls, burglary, and sites intended to take your data and cash. Get support for office set up by Norton setup

Norton Security is internally categorized into three main parts:

Security – The tab »Security« hides the main functionality of the program. You have the option to schedule or instantly make quick / slow tour of your system, individual folders or files, use powerful »Norton Power Eraser” (aggressive remover anything malicious), letting you write out a diagnosis system or enable / disable the various security aspects (checking e-mail , browsing the internet, active files, etc.)

Identity – The tab »Identity” is the ability to establish a security safe for your personal information and passwords. Why remember 10 passwords for different services if you do not care that you specify when you start the PC and on those pages are stored usernames / passwords automatically fills.
There is also a generator of safe passwords.

See also: Symantec Norton Security Deluxe 2017

Performance – Tab »Performance« includes tools for disk optimization, cleaning temporary and unused files and »Startup Manager“, which checks the safety and complexity of programs that run automatically in the background when you start your PC. If triggered a dangerous or unknown applications, Norton Security, and it identifies possible solutions.

Setting – The main window is located above »Settings” tab in the settings of all aspects of control, scanning, firewall, antivirus, antispam, identity, task planning and lots more. You can choose which folders to Norton Security ignore when to perform automated checks, the frequency of popups, check browsing the internet, check whether the downloaded files, firewall ports holiday, programs and much more.


Settings window Norton Security is clearly divided into several modules of the program. Under »Antivirus” you can change the frequency of updates, ignored constituents, ongoing nepotism SONAR whether to scan USB drives, the extent to automatically delete threats and more. »Firewall” manages to change the port settings for incoming and outgoing connections, various exceptions, protocols, invisibility, and more.

Trial version
Windows XP / Vista / 7/8 / 8.1 / 10 (32/64 bit)
without registration



Norton Security detects all browsers that PC you have and propose the integration of its trade plugins that provide for the security of Internet browsing and replenishing personal information (usernames, passwords, addresses, …), if you have activated the »Identity” on the main screen.


A great tool in finding any setting function »Search« available under scrutiny from the main screen. Write the name and approximate Norton Search will show you all the options that are available. Straight at this point you can change.

The trial version of Norton security package Security at the highest premium version is available to you free of charge for 90 days, including updates. A copy of the program can be installed on up to 4 other computers. This version is without technical support, but the program functions are identical to the commercial editions.

Warning: This trial version does not run on computers, which in the past was running another similar trial version of Norton Security.