How to protect from information-stealing ad library, Activate, Norton

info-stealing ad libraryWhat is an Info-stealing ad library?

In google play store more than 800 apps that contain malicious ad library. This information-stealing ad library dubbed Xavier can collect sensitive user information such as Device ID, E-mail ID, SIM card operator, Installed apps, and OS version, all without the user’s knowledge. When it comes to free apps, there still may be a price, although it doesn’t always cost the user. There are other ways applications can earn revenue, such as running advertisements within the app itself. Ad libraries are a legitimate part of an application, however, they are software and can become compromised by cybercriminals in a myriad of different ways. Get support for office set up by

The malicious ad library is a type of Trojan horse.

Presently, Google has removed all the malicious apps and it is continuously monitoring all apps.

How to stay protected from an information-stealing ad library risk

  • When are you downloading any apps then check first that what they’re taking permission from you?
  • You can manage your apps permission to go through mobile settings also.
  • Taking advantage of quality security software such as Norton Mobile Security, which protects users from this particular threat, is an important measure you can take.
  • With Norton Mobile Security, you can also use our app advisor for Android to scan for “bad apps” like ones that contain Xavier before downloading them to your phone. Norton App Advisor is a special feature included with Norton Mobile Security. It notifies you if there are specific privacy risks, intrusive behavior of apps, excessive battery drainage, and data plan usage.