The internet and contemporary technology have undoubtedly introduced a tonne of functionality and convenience into our routine and professional lives. People like us cannot even begin to imagine what a world without social media and digital devices would be like. It allows you to connect with your loved ones at a moment’s notice; it lets you keep everyone up to date on your personal endeavors, and it gives you access to a world of knowledge and useful tools that facilitate your growth and learning.

But where the marvels of modern technology have brought about a great change in the way we live in a positive aspect, it has also brought down a world of trouble. Cybersecurity is one of the leading issues when it comes to information technology and the World Wide Web. Hackers are constantly looking to exploit vulnerabilities in computer systems and networks so that they can steal sensitive data or put it behind a wall to cause you harm.

To help mitigate the prevalence of successful cyber attacks and ensure cybersecurity to at least a certain degree, we have compiled a brief list of steps one should take to ensure the protection of their data in 2020:

  • Equip your computer system with a good antivirus program such as norton.com/setup. By subscribing to www.norton.com/setup, you gain access to a host of features that protect your personal data and keep it from the hands of third parties with malicious intent.
  • Be wary of suspicious emails and avoid clicking on links or downloading attachments that come from unverified sources as they may contain viruses and other forms of malware.
  • Only work with websites that are secure and legitimate.
  • Make it a practice to never give out sensitive information such as your social security number of credit card and baking credentials without confirming from the source directly.
  • Create a backup for your important files and documents so that in a compromising situation, you do not lose essential stuff.
  • Avoid using unprotected external devices that may have malicious content from other systems.

A Norton.com/setup Antivirus subscription covers most of these bases and equips your system with a robust firewall, provides real-time scanning, gives you a handy backup storage, and filters out spam messages from your email.

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