The modern world is so different from what everything used to be like just a few years ago and that is mostly attributed to the advent in technology that accelerates and shifts gear on a moment to moment basis. Every day, new technological innovations set us on the track to even greater advancements. The primary goal of all of this new technology is to make our lives- routine and professional- easier and more convenient than they already are. Not only that, but the digital age is immensely more fun and entertaining what with all the social media sites we have at our disposal.

Gradually but surely, most of our lives are either shifting to or melding with the online world. From academics and work, to finances and personal interactions, everything can be dealt with if you have a computer and an internet connection. But while the internet has brought a lot of good into our lives, it has also exposed us to new found threats that were not a problem before. These are the cyber criminals that scrounge around the cyber world, looking for opportunities to exploit vulnerabilities in computer defense systems and wreaking havoc with your personal data.


The reason why cyber security has become the leading issue in the technology industry in recent times is that the rates of cyber crime continue to rise exponentially. In fact, it has been reported that individuals and corporations all across the globe have lost over $2 trillion in 2019 as a result of cyber based crimes. These numbers are only expected to become worse in the near future as hackers begin to develop innovative techniques and tools to hack into weakly protected systems.

These hackers employ the use of viruses, Trojans, keyloggers, spyware, ransomware, and other forms of malware to hijack your computer system and steal personal information like banking account credentials and credit card numbers. They can also steal your identity, delete sensitive data, and alter your online activity.

To ensure that you do not fall victim to these cyber criminals on the prowl, it is your responsibility to equip your systems with adequate protection. One of the basic security tools includes a trusted antivirus program like Antivirus. Antivirus has been a leading security provider in the world of technology since a very long time because it offers complete protection against all kinds of conventional and advanced cyber threats.