The contemporary world is centered around all kinds of data. Whether it is data originating from your business, or personal data that you share on your social media accounts, this data is sensitive and private and the last thing you would want is for it to fall into the wrong hands- hands that want to exploit your information for their personal gain, much to your disadvantage.


As we continue to trek towards a more and more tech focused digital age, the concerns regarding cyber security become more and more prominent. The more connected we become with everything around the world, the more we put ourselves at risk of being hacked by cyber criminals. These attackers are always snooping around the web, looking for ways to cause data breaches and break into weakly configured protection systems. The risk is becoming even more pertinent these days because these hackers are developing new, innovative ways to make their attempts successful, rendering traditional security systems completely useless against these advanced techniques.


So how can you go about ensuring that your computer system is protected from these cyber threats? A good antivirus program is undoubtedly one of the very basic security systems that you need to put in place to cover at least the foundational basis of cyber security. Preferably, you will want to invest in an antivirus software that is capable of countering even the advanced techniques employed by these hackers.

A complete antivirus solution like Norton.com/setup Antivirus equips your computer with all the tools it needs to defend itself from these intruders. To begin with, antivirus software like Norton.com/setup is designed to counter the intrusion attempts of viruses which are malicious pieces of code. It runs regular real time scans to detect the presence of any viruses on the system and then removes them to prevent them from having any negative impact on your PC. Not only that, but it also employs a strong firewall which prevents hackers from gaining access to your data.

Norton.com/setup Antivirus also puts several filters in place that prevent you from seeing spam and phishing messages as social engineering is one of the most common ways hackers use to make a breach into a system. Other features include a VPN to mask your identity and hide your online activity, password managers to help protect all of your social accounts, as well as parental controls to limit and monitor the online activity of your little ones.