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Happy Thanksgiving! Celebrating the Things That Keep us Safe

thanksgiving keep us safe 1

1. Saving yourself from your worst work nightmare:

Some email clients have the ability to unsend emails, for that one time you hit reply all and misspelled the bosses name. As we approach the Thanksgiving occasion, I think about every one of the things we celebrate as a nation. And keeping in mind that there are a wide range of festivities, the steady is the meeting up. Get support for office set up by www.norton.com/setup

thanksgiving keep us safe 2

2. Saving face literally:

The ability to approve tagged photos of yourself before they are posted to your social network. No more publicly embarrassing photos being broadcast to all your friends!

thanksgiving keep us safe 3

3. Saving yourself from regret:

Apps that lock your phone after a certain time at night, preventing you from drunk texting your friends and family.

thanksgiving keep us safe 4

5. Saving yourself from boredom: 

With the advances of modern technology, anyone can do a marathon now…on Netflix this is.

5. Saving yourself from scandalous photo leaks:

Although some of us may be celebrities in our own minds, we still suffer the same technological vulnerabilities as they do. Add Norton Security to your devices to help prevent leaks of sensitive photos and videos.

thanksgiving keep us safe 5