143 million people’s personal information may have been exposed in Equifax data breach




Equifax cybersecurity incident143 million people’s personal information may have been exposed in Equifax data breach

Consumer credit reporting agency Equifax Inc. has announced on Sep 7 that cybercriminals have exploited a vulnerability in their website, allowing them to gain access to certain files. The data breach appears to have taken place from mid-May through July 2017.  The company discovered unauthorized access on July 29 of this year. Get support for office set up by Norton Support

Cybercriminals stole names, Social Security numbers, birth dates, and addresses. In some cases, driver’s license numbers and even credit card numbers were accessed.  During the company’s investigation of this breach, it was also found that there was access to some personal information for some UK and Canadian residents.

Equifax data breach 2017enter to check equifaxHow do you know if you have been involved in a data breach?

Usually, data breaches are disclosed via the company’s press release, which reaches news outlets in no time. If you hear about a breach involving an institution you do business with, contact the organization in question to check whether your data has been compromised. You can visit the organization’s website to see if there is a statement about the breach with any instructions about what to do next, or you can call the company’s customer service phone number.

Helping protect yourself in the event of a data breach

You may not know if you have been affected by a breach, so your best action is to be proactive. You can use the tips below to stay ahead of the bad guys and know what to look out for.

  • Routinely monitor all of your financial accounts for suspicious activities, such as transactions you did not make. If your institution offers account activity alerts via text or email, sign up for them.
  • Cybercriminals can now use data from a breach to access your other online accounts via password reset questions. These questions usually ask you personal information about yourself such as your mother’s maiden name, previous addresses, and other details. If you have ever used any of this information in those types of security questions, you should change the questions immediately.
  • If the information that was leaked in the breach was as a Social Security number or other personally identifiable information, you may want to consider putting a security freeze on your credit report. This will prevent other institutions from accessing your report entirely, which will prevent opening any new credit lines or credit extensions under your name. Also be sure to contact the Social Security Administration if dealing with a data breach that involves your SSN about next steps.
  • If you do encounter suspicious activity on your account, contact your bank immediately and inform them of the activity as well as the fact that your information was exposed in a breach. Secondly, contact the FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) and file a report.
  • If a password was involved in the breach- change it.

Breaches are common these days because the payoff for cybercriminals may be lucrative. For this reason, it can be helpful if you add another layer of protection to your digital life by using an identity theft protection service. Such services can help protect your personal information by sending you alerts if suspicious activity is identified within their network, or if new accounts are opened with your Social Security number.LifeLock is one such comprehensive service.

The unique combination of digital security by Norton Security and identity theft protection by LifeLock redefines what safety means in a connected world. These are just a few of the precautions one can take to help protect against identity theft.


Disclaimers and references:
This article is authored by ‘Nadia Kovacs’ an employee of Norton by Symantec.

VPNFilter malware now targeting even more router brands. How to check if you’re affected.




VPNFilter — Why?

cisco Talos, in a joint effort with the Cyber Threat Alliance (CTA), has quite recently posted another report on the VPNFilter malware, a multistage assault that was first found by Talos scientists on May 23rd, when it was recorded assaulting different little office/home office (SOHO) switches and Network Attached Storage (NAS) gadgets. As a result of our interest in CTA, FortiGuard Labs had the option to give an update to Fortinet clients that equivalent day. What makes VPNFilter especially risky is the way that it not exclusively can perform information exfiltration, it can likewise render gadgets totally inoperable. VPNFilter principally targets Linux based IoT gadgets, including SOHO switches and NAS gadgets, with a high grouping of assaults happening in Ukraine.  Get support for office set up by norton.com/setup

VPNFilter, the malware that infected:
— more than half a million routers in more than 50 countries.
— It may be more dangerous than researchers originally believed.

What is different now?

At least three things — Based on the additional analysis:

VPNFilter now is more powerful than originally thought and runs on a much broader base of consumer-grade and SOHO router models, many from previously unaffected manufacturers. To our knowledge, all the known vulnerable routers are from at least 10 router brands.

VPNFilter is able to add malicious content to the traffic that passes through affected routers, according to researchers. This allows it to install malware onto devices and systems connected to the routers.

The malware is showing new capabilities that can target and steal passwords and other sensitive information.

VPNFilter malware targets certain router models from these brands:

  • Asus
  • Huawei
  • D-Link
  • Mikrotik
  • Netgear
  • Linksys
  • TP-Link
  • QNAP
  • Upvel
  • Ubiquiti
  • ZTE

Does Symantec’s Norton Core™ Wi-Fi router protect me against VPNFilter malware?

Yes, from what we know about VPNFilter and how it penetrates routers, we can assure you that those methods do not work on Norton Core. In fact, not a single Norton Core user has been impacted.

Norton Core was designed from the ground up with security in mind and specifically to protect users from these types of cyber threats and malicious attacks.

If you want to learn how Norton Core can help protect you, you can read more about the router’s technology and features.

Free VPN Filter Check Tool, created by Symantec (Check if your router is impacted).

This blog update on June 29, 2018, at Norton Website. Read here..

Why cybercriminals target patient data, Security, www.norton.com/setup


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Why cybercriminals target patient data

The medicinal services industry is under attack. Information ruptures of patient data have turned into very normal, with both outside and insider dangers attempting to access patients’ electronic health records (EHRs), and it doesn’t give the idea that the number of assaults will ease up at any point in the near future. Get support for office set up by www.norton.com/setup

Yet, this makes one wonder: Why are EHRs so defenseless against assault? What’s more, why do cybercriminals target them in any case?

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Norton App Lock: Protect your sensitive apps, Download, Norton setup


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protect your apps

Norton App Lock: Protect your sensitive apps

Norton App Lock: Protect your sensitive apps. There are presently more than 4 million applications accessible crosswise over different versatile stages. It’s for all intents and purposes difficult to monitor every last application on the majority of your gadgets, regardless of whether it is a common gadget, for example, a tablet or cell phone, or just to continue prying eyes far from the gadget. Get support for office set up by Norton Support

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Destiny Raid Team Beats Aksis Without Slamming His Back, www.norton.com/setup


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Destiny Raid Team Beats Aksis Without Slamming His Back

While the majority of the Destiny fan base is out getting a charge out of the dispatch of The Dawning, Bungie’s new occasion, others are as yet attempting to get the most out of the Rise of Iron substance. For instance, a few Destiny challenge runners and groups are as yet attempting to test the cutoff points of the new Wrath of the Machine strike, with an end goal to figure out which methodologies are conceivable and which are most certainly not.

One Destiny raid team, for example, just recently discovered that it is possible to beat Aksis, the main boss of Wrath of the Machine, without ever using the core, slam mechanic of the fight. This team was able to take down the SIVA-infected boss simply through basic damage, without most of the buffs or phases and without using some of the most successful raid strategies. Get support for office set up by www.norton.com/setup

More Story:
 Ransomware 2016

As readers can see in the video below, the Destiny team took down Aksis using a combination of Weapons of Light buffs, Golden Gun shots, and the elemental cannons. What’s most surprising is just how easy it seems – taking down Aksis without slamming his back. There isn’t much time to do damage, but the team manages to concentrate their DPS very well.

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Why should you consider antivirus software, Norton 360, www.norton.com/setup


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consider on antivirus software

Why should you consider antivirus software

Why should you consider antivirus software? Antivirus software has been around as long as free internet on CDs. These days, built-in security features and free software offer protection to modern computers and smartphones.  Antivirus programming projects are programs that help secure your PC against most infections, worms, Trojan ponies, and other undesirable trespassers that can make your PC “wiped out.” Viruses, worms, and such regularly perform noxious acts, for example, erasing records, getting to individual information, or utilizing your PC to assault different PCs. Get support for office set up by www.norton.com/setup

To help keep your PC sound, introduce F-PROT Antivirus. You should likewise guarantee both the program and the infection signature documents are state-of-the-art. These updates are commonly accessible through your membership.

It may seem redundant to add antivirus software to your machines, but how safe is your computer or device without it?

Using best cybersecurity practices is helpful, but there are some things that you can’t control. Consider these circumstances as ways antivirus software might be best for you.

1) As technology advances, so does cybercrime.

While it’s become easier to detect a site that doesn’t look reputable, even the most unassuming sites can be suspect to compromise. Technology improvements have introduced new cybercrime techniques, including keyloggers, ransomware, zero-day, phishing and more. It’s not just an issue for Windows users, either — Mac and Linux computers and devices are susceptible as well.

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UK World Cup stars told how to make phones safe from Russian hackers


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cyber-criminals fifa 2018

UK World Cup stars told how to make phones safe from Russian hackers

Cybercriminals are expected to target foreigners and star players arriving for the FIFA Worldcup – with rich players vulnerable to being fleeced online.chiefs fear big name stars could fall victim to blackmailers if their personal “clouds” are compromised and they have sensitive photographs uploaded.  Get support for office set up by norton.com/setup

Top counterintelligence authorities have prompted World Cup fans venturing out to Russia to leave their telephones at home to maintain a strategic distance from according to spies and culprits.

Insight organizations caution that electronic gadgets taken to the competition, which commences on Thursday, are probably going to be hacked by digital lawbreakers or Russian operators.

Fans who need access to a portable ought to rather bring ‘burner telephones’ that can be utilized at the occasion and after that annihilated before heading home, security specialists at the FBI and Britain’s electronic listening stealthily organization GCHQ said.

They included that fans ought to be careful about lodging and open Wi-Fi and keep their gadgets with them consistently.

The alerts came as it was uncovered not long ago that the England football crew has gotten security direction, including how to shroud their effects in their lodgings, from officers at GCHQ’s National Cyber Security Center.

The Football Association is taking advice from GCHQ’s National Cyber Security Centre – AKA the NCSC.

A spokesman for the centre said: “The NCSC is providing expert cyber security advice to the Football Association ahead of their departure to Russia for the 2018 FIFA World Cup.

“A recent NCSC blog highlighted advice for fans using devices while abroad which should be read alongside existing Foreign and Commonwealth Office travel advice and guidance offered on the `Be On The Ball: World Cup 2018′ website.”

The site includes advising to supporters on how to stay safe during the tournament.

Technology will play a major part in the England players’ lives in their camp in Repino.

Each one will take multiple devices – smartphones, tablets and gaming platforms – to the training base near St Petersburg.

Boss Gareth Southgate said most of his squad will play video games during their time off.

“In terms of how they occupy their time in the hotel a lot of them are young kids, it will be `Fortnite’ or whatever it is,” he said

With so many electronic devices going with the team the FA will thoroughly screen all devices belonging to players and backroom to ensure they have the appropriate security software installed to protect them from interference.

The players will also be told which devices they can safely use and where.

An FA spokesman said: “We continue to receive security advice from all relevant authorities.”

Established last year the NCSC largely focuses on protecting the UK from Russian cyber attacks by advising individuals and big organisations over online security systems.

Norton Security for Android,norton.com/setup, Downlaod, Norton 360


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norton mobile security

Norton Security for Android

If you’re using an Android phone, it’s a good idea to put your phone’s security in an antivirus program. Norton is a best Android antivirus programs that users should never ignore … Norton is a standout amongst the best-known names in digital security, and Norton Security and Antivirus for Android is Norton Mobile Security’s free application for Android gadgets. It adjusts with your current Norton record, or you can make another record for nothing (paid overhauls empower extra highlights). In the same way as other Android applications from antivirus suppliers, Norton Security and Antivirus accentuates extra security highlights like reinforcement and against robbery as much as infection and malware insurance. Get support for office set up by norton.com/setup

Android from antivirus to use the software, you can protect from dangers but to select from many options that this software is a separate issue. It turns out that this is a real problem when we think that some of the antivirus itself is harmful.

Norton Security and Antivirus

Symantec’s Norton software is by far the most recognized on Windows, but it also has quality mobile applications. One of them, Norton Security and Antivirus, does a great job protecting you from harm.

Norton Security and Antivirus come with a powerful anti-theft function. The most important restriction is not to offer web browser protection. With Norton’s Safe Search you can provide protection at a certain level, but full protection is only available in premium version.


How would I introduce Norton Security onto my Android gadget?

There are two unmistakable ways for the beginning establishment of Norton security programming onto your Android-based gadget. Before we show them, you should realize that Norton Security comes as an insurance administration that incorporates various programming items relying upon a sort of a gadget you need the assurance for. As it were, the working framework that keeps running on your gadget decides the Norton item you use.

For your Android-based gadgets, you use Norton Mobile Security.

The two different ways to get Norton Mobile Security onto your Android gadget are:

  • You sign into your Norton Account from your (PC or Mac), and you send guidelines by composing an email address that is designed on your Android cell phone. This is finished by going to Install on an alternate gadget tab. Open the email on your Android gadget and adhere to the guidelines.
  • You download Norton application from Google Play and introduce it. Register your gadget by marking into your Norton Account. The enlistment is essential for empowering all highlights of Norton Mobile Security.

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How to do Norton Mobile Security Setup?

System Requirements for NORTON UTILITIES, Norton Support, Antivirus


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System Requirements for NORTON UTILITIES

Norton™ Utilities contains a registry and PC cleaner to boost your PC’s performance and improve startup times by repairing another common PC issue.  Get support for office set up by Norton Support

With Norton Security, you currently get ground-breaking Norton Protection for your PCs, Mac®, cell phones, and tablets. To effectively introduce Norton Security on your gadget, it must meet the base framework prerequisites that are recorded in this article.

Norton Security Premium incorporates parental controls to keep the Internet exercises of your children safe and gives 25 GB of secure online reinforcement for up to 10 gadgets (PCs as it were). It does exclude secure reinforcement for Mac OS X.

System Requirements for NORTON UTILITIES

Microsoft Windows XP SP3 (32-bit only)

  • CPU: Pentium or equivalent 233 MHz (minimum), Pentium or equivalent 300 MHz (recommended)
  • Memory: 64 MB (minimum), 128 MB (recommended)

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How to protect from information-stealing ad library, Activate, Norton


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info-stealing ad libraryWhat is an Info-stealing ad library?

In google play store more than 800 apps that contain malicious ad library. This information-stealing ad library dubbed Xavier can collect sensitive user information such as Device ID, E-mail ID, SIM card operator, Installed apps and OS version, all without the user’s knowledge. When it comes to free apps, there still may be a price, although it doesn’t always cost the user. There are other ways applications can earn revenue, such as running advertisements within the app itself. Ad libraries are a legitimate part of an application, however, they are software and can become compromised by cybercriminals in a myriad of different ways.Get support for office set up by Norton Support

The malicious ad library is a type of Trojan horse.

Presently, Google has removed all the malicious apps and it is continuously monitoring all apps.

How to stay protected from an information-stealing ad library risk

  • When are you downloading any apps then check first that what they’re taking permission from you.
  • You can manage your apps permission go through mobile setting also.
  • Taking advantage of quality security software such as Norton Mobile Security, which protects users from this particular threat, is an important measure you can take.
  • With Norton Mobile Security, you can also use our app advisor for Android to scan for “bad apps” like ones that contain Xavier before downloading them to your phone. Norton App Advisor is a special feature included with Norton Mobile Security. It notifies you if there are specific privacy risks, intrusive behavior of apps, excessive battery drainage and data plan usage.