Indeed, Norton Antivirus is popular software program which provides whole protection to the different devices against the harmful virus, malware, and other cyber threats. Besides, being a notable software there are possibilities that Norton.com/setup antivirus software may impede the overall performance of the Mac Device. Well, in such instances, it’s recommended to the customers to completely reinstall the software program from the device and download the latest version of the software.

Further, for the users who’re looking for the steps to uninstall www.norton/setup Antivirus software program from Mac device, here are some easy instructions that one can follow:

Steps to uninstalling Norton Antivirus from Mac Device:

  • Uninstalling Norton Antivirus is a totally simple method. However, if the user encounters any difficulty while uninstalling the program they are able to contact Norton help for the required assistance.
  • To uninstall Norton.com/setup Antivirus for Mac, the consumer is needed to open the Norton application.
  • Then, the user is needed to navigate to the Menu section and select Norton Security option.
  • Further, the user needs to click on Uninstall Norton Software alternative.
  • Thereafter, a prompt will appear on the display screen which the user is required to confirm.
  • Once completed, the user wait for some time till the Norton software files are completed deleted from the Mac device.
  • After uninstalling the software program, the person needs to restart their Mac device.

Hence, this became the simple process to uninstall www.norton.com/setup Antivirus from the Mac device. Still, if the user faces any difficulty with the system they could feel free to contact Norton help center for help.