VPNFilter — Why?

VPNFilter, the malware that infected:
— more than half a million routers in more than 50 countries.
— It may be more dangerous than researchers originally believed.

What is different now?

At least three things — Based on the additional analysis:

VPNFilter now is more powerful than originally thought and runs on a much broader base of consumer-grade and SOHO router models, many from previously unaffected manufacturers. To our knowledge, all the known vulnerable routers are from at least 10 router brands.

VPNFilter is able to add malicious content to the traffic that passes through affected routers, according to researchers. This allows it to install malware onto devices and systems connected to the routers.

The malware is showing new capabilities that can target and steal passwords and other sensitive information.

VPNFilter malware targets certain router models from these brands:


Does Symantec’s Norton Core™ Wi-Fi router protect me against VPNFilter malware?

Yes, from what we know about VPNFilter and how it penetrates routers, we can assure you that those methods do not work on Norton Core. In fact, not a single Norton Core user has been impacted.

Norton Core was designed from the ground up with security in mind and specifically to protect users from these types of cyber threats and malicious attacks.

If you want to learn how Norton Core can help protect you, you can read more about the router’s technology and features.

Free VPN Filter Check Tool, created by Symantec (Check if your router is impacted).

This blog update on June 29, 2018, at Norton Website. Read here..