Norton Mobile Security Setup

Norton Mobile Security Setup helps to keep smartphones safe from Malware. Download & Install Norton Mobile Security on your Android or iOS. If you face any trouble during setup, installing, downloading or any other problem kindly Call:

  • USA/CANADA: +1-800-571-8344,
  • United Kingdom: 0808-189-1055,
  • Australia: +61-1800-764-263

Go with Norton setup button, if you need Norton setup help at online.

Getting started Norton Mobile Security Setup

Do one of the following for Norton Mobile Security Setup:



1. Click the download link; If you received confirmation order at your email and then follow from line 5. Otherwise, on your mobile device, visit Norton Mobile Security website.

2. Login at Norton.

Fill your email address and password if already you’ve Norton Account. Otherwise, Create your Norton account.

3. You’ll see Add a New Device in the Choose a Device to Manage page, Tap on it.

4. Tap Download on the Download Norton Mobile Security webpage.

5. According to your device, you are redirected to different mobile app store location. Do one of the following:

Android users: You are redirected to the Google Play Store page. To install Norton Mobile Security, tap Install and then tap Accept.

iOS users: You are redirected to the iTunes Store page. To install Norton Mobile Security, tap Get > Install.

6. After the installation finishing, launch the Norton Mobile Security app.

7. Read the End User License Agreement, and then tap Agree & Launch or Accept. For an Android device, Norton Mobile Security performs the initial setup and runs the LiveUpdate, Anti-Malware scan, and App Advisor scan.

8. To use all the features of Norton Mobile Security, do one of the following to sign in to your Norton account:

For Android Device: In the top-left corner of the Norton Mobile Security screen, tap the menu key and then tap Sign In. Type your email address and password and then tap Sign In.

For iOS Device: Tap Continue and then sign in to your Norton account.

Note: Sign in to your Norton account with the same email address that you used while making the purchase at Norton Online Store.

Otherwise, fill your 25 character product code that you received with your purchase, and then click Verify button.

Now, Norton Mobile Security installation and setup is complete. you need to sign in to your Norton account to make use of all the features of Norton Mobile Security. In the top-left corner, tap the menu icon, and then tap sign in.

To get FREE help (only for USA, Canada, UK & Australia) for all Norton products. Find solutions to top download, installation, setup issues
or for any other issues kindly CALL TOLL FREE: USA/CANADA: +1-800-571-8344 (Toll Free), United Kingdom: 0808-189-1055 (Toll Free), and Australia: +61-1800-764-263 (Toll Free)

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