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Download & Installation Process

Once you have purchased your Norton security product online, you must download, install, setup and activate your security product. Our online retail store has everything you need to finish this process. It process takes about 25 minutes. Before you begin, save and end any open files. We recommend that you use an Internet Explorer browser.

Norton 360 –Norton security product

When purchasing a security product, please consider the all-in-one security of Norton 360. Then you submit your order, you will arrive at the order confirmation window. Click the download button to start. We recommend that you download and install your security product when you purchase it, but if you want to do this at  a later time, you will also find a download button in your order confirmation email.

ActiveX Controls

Some customers may now get a message regarding ActiveX controls. ActiveX controls are safe and will ensure a successful download. If you get an ActiveX message:

  • Please click the link in the yellow message bar and then click Install ActiveX.
  • When the security warning appears, click Install.

This installs the ActiveX controls that ensure a successful download. It does not install your Norton security product.

Download & Install

The download process should start automatically.

  • If it does not, click the Start Download button. Follow the directions on the screen until the download is complete. This should take about 8 minutes with a broadband connection and may take longer with dial-up. on.
    When the download is finish, installation will automatically start with file extraction.
  • If file extraction does not automatically start, find the Norton icon on your desktop and double click.
    When extraction is finish, you will see the License Agreement. Please review the license agreement and click “I agree” to go on.
  • Confirm your installation options. We recommend that you use the default option.
  • Click Next to go on. Installation will continue.

Allow all files to install. This will take about 10 minutes.

Norton Account –Norton security product

When the installation is finish, you will be asked to create a Account. If you haven’t already done so, we recommend that you create an account. When the installation is finish, click the Next button to activate your product and start the update and configuration process.

Scan and Update

Even if you had a security product previously, it is important to complete a system scan. This process takes just a few minutes and will ensure that your computer/PC/Laptop is free of any viruses, malware and spyware.

Once the scan is finish, you will the main security product screen. If further scans or updates are needed, now is the time to complete them by clicking the Fix button.

After installation and configuration are completed, the main product screen window will show green check marks that indicate your product is fully installed and already protecting your computer.

Norton customer support is just a click away. Click the support link in your security product to visit directly to Norton setup support.